UGANDA SERIES: Abaana’s Hope CDP week

This is my second blog post in the UGANDA SERIES: my experiences/adventures/overall takeaway of traveling to Gulu, Uganda on a mission trip to Abaana’s Hope. If you want to stay updated on the rest of this series, subscribe to my blog by clicking here!

While I was in Uganda, I had the pleasure to stay at Abaana’s Hope during their seasonal Child Development Program Week. It was there that I got to meet some of the most incredible people: from the missionaries that moved their families to Africa to work at Abaana’s Hope full time; to the amazing men, women, and children of the Acholi tribe. In their language, the word “Abaana,” means children. So Abaana’s Hope strives to do just that — give hope and inspiration to the Acholi children by providing them with the amenities that they need to survive.

On campus, there is the Living Stones Christian School, which gives school-age students the ability to get an education when most children don’t get that opportunity. The Child Development Program (CDP) was created by the people at Abaana’s Hope to give 54 struggling kids the ability to have a chance at a successful life. These 54 children are chosen specifically based on their life circumstances (their home life, tragedies, medical/financial limitations, etc). Through the Child Development Program, each child is given a sponsor in the United States, whom helps the child get through school by paying for their expenses. Without the help of the CDP, many of these children would never receive an education, and would most likely add to the 80% of Acholi adults who are unemployed.

I was at Abaana’s Hope during their CDP week, where the 54 students come together for a week to experience God’s love. We learned bible stories, played games, made crafts, and shared so many stories. From singing songs about the Fruit of the Spirit to learning how to properly brush their teeth and wash their hands; there was not one moment without indescribable joy and laughter. I got to spend time with each kid one-on-one, and I was able to hear the tragic and beautiful stories of their lives and the struggles that they face every single day. This was by far my favorite part of my mission trip; getting to experience their beautiful hearts and being able to make so many deep connections and relationships with them.

I hope you enjoy the following pictures, they are some of my favorite from Child Development Program Week.

Do you want to sponsor a child at Abaana’s Hope?

These beautiful children, the Acholi people, and the wonderful Missionaries living in Uganda can always use extra help. Whether you want to donate to a child once or become a sponsor and pay a small fee monthly, anything that you can give is a great benefit to the children in the CDP program. Click the link to learn how you can help.

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  1. Sandra Dobiash November 1, 2018 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    Love love love the photos and story. What an amazing experience.

    • bellasage November 5, 2018 at 2:38 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much!

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