My Travel Adventures of 2018

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Recently, I did a poll on Instagram asking you guys want you wanted to see more of on EndlesslyLoved. I had a lot of you reply saying that you would like to hear more about my travel adventures!

As many of you know, I took the fall semester off college to travel (mainly, to go to Uganda). It has honestly been such an incredible adventure, and if any of you stressed-out college students are thinking about taking a semester off to follow your travel dreams, I highly recommend it!

When I began writing this blog post, I started out by making a list of all the trips I went on in 2018 and what month I traveled there. I didn’t realize it, but I was actually able to go on a trip almost every month in 2018.


I started off the summer of 2018 by going on a family vacation to Maui, Hawaii! I had never been to Hawaii before, and it was such a magical experience. I fell in love with the island, it’s remarkable beauty, the food, and the people.

We ate SO MUCH good food, went on some breathtaking hikes, drove around the whole island, snorkeled with sea turtles, and spent many days soaking up the sun on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. One of my favorite parts of the trip was driving The Road to Hana, an intense 64 mile drive filled with hairpin turns, huge cliff drop-offs, waterfalls, one-lane roads, and way too many sketchy bridges to count. But the views are hands-down some of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.


In June, I went on a short weekend trip with my best friend and her family, and we went to the famous interactive museum, Meow Wolf, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If you want a way to transport yourself back in time to when you were a kid, Meow Wolf is for sure the way to do that. As an interactive, immersive experience, Meow Wolf allows you to do some pretty crazy things (like crawl through a refrigerator door into a whole new realm). Plus, the art they create is pretty rad.


I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I have the best job in the world. For the past two years, I’ve worked as an assistant for Allison Ragsdale Photography in Durango, Colorado. Allison and her husband Matt are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, and it is such an amazing feeling to go to work and love my job, too. This year, Allison and I took two High School Seniors to Los Angeles, California, to take senior pictures!

Although it was a short trip and we worked some long hours, we got to check out some of the must-see’s in LA, and we got to take some pretty awesome pictures too.


I’m not going to talk a lot about this one, just because I’ve already made a five-post series all about my mission trip to Uganda! If you want to read those, click here!

This was by far my favorite trip I have ever been on, and I’m dying to go back and hang out with all my favorite kiddos.


Although Silverton, Colorado, is only an hour away from my home, I had to include it in my travel list. Every fall, my best friends and I drive up to Silverton to run around in some of the most vibrant fall colors I’ve ever seen. This year, our fall trip to Silverton was by far my favorite.


I can finally check off going to a 3 day music festival off my bucket list. I got to go to Austin City Limits Music Festival in October!

Guys, this was a BLAST. 8 hours of live music for three days straight in the music capitol of the world is something that everyone needs to do at some point in their lives. Once you get past the ridiculous heat, sweat, waiting in lines, and being shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of people, the concerts are the best ones I’ve ever experienced. It was SO MUCH FUN!


If I had to choose one of my favorite places to visit, it would be Santa Barbara, California. Both of my uncles live there, and I’ve gone and visited them every year for the past three years. I love the atmosphere of Santa Barbara, and I never run out of new things to experience.

I, again, ate some pretty dang great food (let’s face it, I’ve eaten a LOT of good food this year), and got to enjoy time with my family.

I also got to visit some family in Venice, California. Whitney, Adam, and baby West are some of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and I got to spend the day in their famous Tiny Canal Cottage; and spent the afternoon canoeing down the Historic Venice Canals.


When I went to Austin in October, I not only fell in love with the city, but I also fell in love with the family that lives there. This trip to Austin was one of the trips where you honestly contemplate cancelling your return ticket home so you never have to leave (I thought about it).

I got to spend New Years with some of my favorite people in the world, and spent the week in Austin enjoying time with the family and sight-seeing the city.

On the last day I was there, we made a day trip to Waco, Texas, and I GOT TO TOUR MAGNOLIA MARKET & THE SILOS (one of the happiest moments of my life). I didn’t get to meet Chip and Jo, but some day I feel like I’ll be able to cross that off my bucket list, too.


Looking back on this year, I realized just how incredible it was. A year full of travels; a year full of falling in love with life again. I can’t wait to see all the new adventures that 2019 has in store. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nandih A. January 21, 2019 at 11:56 pm - Reply


    I read your 2018’s experiences and thought that you had an amazing year. Happy for you!!!

    You mentioned that you have been in Uganda with an incredible experience. Do you have already a bucket-list of 2019?
    I think you should come in Madagascar this year for the small five safari, i mean spotting lemurs (the oldest worlds’ primate), chameleons, geckos, giraffe necked weevil, varities of native frogs. Apart from that, Malagasy people are very friendly and welcoming, getting closer to them let you finding out their concept of life based in love and solidarity through their daily routines.

    Best wishes,

    Nandih A.

    • bellasage January 22, 2019 at 2:28 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much for your input, and thank you for reading! I have not made a bucket list for 2019 yet… but Madagascar sounds great!

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